1. What is Anti-Money Laundering Certification?

AML Certification is the AGLC's Anti-Money Laundering training program.

The program has been developed to educate all registered casino gaming workers within Alberta, including specified AGLC employees, on the topic of Money Laundering. The information in AML Certification provides all Registered Gaming Workers with exposure to the possibilities of money laundering related to cash transactions within a casino environment.

It does not replace the on-the-job training, knowledge or experience provided by or required by a worker's employer, nor does it include all information on AGLC Policies (Casino Term and Conditions, or Racing Entertainment Centre Terms and Conditions).

2. Why was it created? What are the benefits of having Anti-Money Laundering Certification?

The ultimate goal of the AML Certification program is to train, educate and mitigate against the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing activities within a casino or REC.

3. Who has to be certified?

AML Certification is mandatory for all individuals exposed to the potential risk of money laundering or terrorist financing activities within a casino or REC. This includes Registered Gaming Workers who are employed in a casino or Racing Entertainment Centre and key personnel of the AGLC.

4. When do I have to be certified?

As of July 1, 2015 all Registered Gaming Workers are required to have AML Certification to be eligible to work in a casino or REC.

5. What happens if I do not comply?

Casinos or Racing Entertainment Centres with uncertified staff, as well as registered gaming workers, could face penalties such as a fine or Board Hearing.

AGLC policies are available online at aglc.ca. Click here to view the AML policies.

6. What do I need to know after I'm certified?

It is condition of all Registered Gaming Workers registration to have valid AML certification. All Registered Gaming Workers are required to recertify every 2 years.

More information is in Section 18 of the Casino Terms and Conditions at aglc.ca.

Casino Facility Licensee and Racing and Entertainment Centre Facility Licensee must keep a log of employees who are AML Certified, including the following information:

  • Training registration number; and
  • Expiry date

NOTE: Logs are subject to review by the AGLC.

7. I have questions about my Anti-Money Laundering Certificate. Where can I go to find more information?

More information can also be found under the Help menu on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and at AMLcertification.aglc.ca, under the Contact Us tab.

You can also contact the Anti-Money Laundering Certification office:

  • Phone: Toll-free at 1-800-272-8876 during business hours (Mondays through Fridays, from 8:15 am until 4:00 pm)
  • Email: aml@aglc.ca
  • Mail:
    • Anti-Money Laundering Certification Office
    • c/o Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
    • 50 Corriveau Avenue
    • St. Albert, Alberta T8N 3T5

  • In person: We're at the AGLC Head Office in St. Albert. Click on the map to find us. AGLC Map

NOTE: The AML Certification office is closed on weekends and statutory holidays, and from Christmas Day through New Year's Day.